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Magnetic Bulletin Board

Magnetic Bulletin Board

This is an easy project, and I'm pretty sure you will enjoy the results. Lately, we have been without a central location for keys, notes, and letters. For the most part, I leave my keys in my purse, but now and then they make it out of their home, and I have the hardest time finding them. If you make this project, you'll have a great place to organize the small things in your lives.

~ A Note About the Nester ~

Every week, I end up losing my iPhone! My teenage son has a locating app on his phone so that he can find his parent's phones. Yes, I believe this should be reversed?!

When it came to finding a key holder for our kitchen, I searched high and low and struck out. It feels like I always end up creating it instead. The upside about this dilemma is that I create unique things that no one else owns. Today, I want to show you how to make a bulletin board that is magnetic and can also house your keys. This project has endless possibilities, and if you want a big bulletin board, this is not a problem, just buy a big frame. You can surface it with paper, chalk paint, fabric or keep it plain. Also, you can change out the look with the seasons or decor. If you like bulletin boards, I have a dry erase board that is so easy to make, and you can color it any color. Here is the link: Dry Erase Board Ok, let's get started.


Galvanized Aluminum (you can find sheets or rolls in the Hardware store's roofing dept)

Picture Frame

Paper, fabric, paint


hooks (if you want to hang keys)

glue (Crafter's Pick works with wood)


1. This is an optional step. Glue the hooks to the frame. Do one at a time and let dry for an hour before continuing with the project. I would wait a day before hanging keys from them.

2. Remove the glass from your frame. Use the paper from the frame to use as a pattern for cutting out the aluminum. Use a sharpie marker and trace around the template.

3. Cut the metal with your metal scissors. It is best to cut it a tiny bit smaller than the outline. 

4. At this stage, you'll want to make sure the metal sheet fits in the frame. If it catches and is too tight, trim the metal sheet.

4. To prevent the sharp edges from cutting you, place painter's tape around the edges of the metal. 

5. Cut out your paper or fabric to size. If you choose to paint the aluminum, paint one side.

6. Tape down the paper on the metal.

7. Place your decorated metal into the frame and then place everything back into the frame and close up the back.

Tada, you're done, and now you have a new homemade bulletin board. I placed a temporary hook on our cabinets and hung the board from it. I must note that the keys will cause it to be unbalanced at times, so I plan to use 3M temporary velcro to place on the wall and the bulletin board. This will prevent the movement of the board.

I did decorate mine with some fun flowers and ribbon, let your imagination have fun with this part of the project. If you are making it for a child, maybe place a wooden initial on the frame.

Thanks for the visit, and I hope my blog is inspiring you to create things for your home! 



Tuesday Tip: Cuisinart Electric Kettle

Today's tip comes from another little appliance that we love. Our family enjoys many hot drinks so having a reliable kettle is essential. Now, in my opinion, not all tea kettles are created equal. You see, early on in our marriage, my husband melted two tea kettles on our stove. Needless to say, I had to find the best way to warm up our water for drinks. Finally, I found the perfect solution to our dilemma and quite possibly the answer to preventing a home fire. It was a grand task, but someone in the family had to save our home and marriage.

~ A Note About the Nester ~ 

You could say that my husband is a little distracted. He had a habit of leaving water boiling on our stove. So, I finally bought a tea kettle that made a loud train whistle when the water was hot. And yes, my wonderful husband destroyed this kettle like all the rest. Are you seeing a pattern here?

I'm always trying to solve many problems in our kitchen and home. It was imperative that I find a new kettle that wouldn't have the final demise as all the others we have owned. This little electric tea kettle is the perfect solution. I'll try and touch on all its great points.

1. It heats up water pretty quickly.
We just put about two cups of water in it, and it took about two minutes to heat up. My husband was commenting that the tea kettles we used in England heated up quicker. I'm sure the reason for their efficiency is that they use 220 voltage, and everything is powerful and better over in Europe!

2. Automatic shut off feature.
When the water is hot and done, the kettle automatically shuts off. This convenient feature is essential for our family for four.

3. It is a cordless kettle .
The base houses the cord so the kettle is free to move anywhere in your kitchen.

4. Cord length adjusts.
The cord attaches to the base and wraps up underneath, so you can adjust it to any length you need. So, no more long cords on your kitchen countertop.

5. Convenient window to view water level.
The new kettle has a built-in window so you can view the water level. This is a nice feature. Unfortunately, our kettle is an older version and doesn't have this option.

Our family loves this little appliance and now that I think of it, it is probably the second most used item in our kitchen. Our kettle has lasted something like 15 years and has been a pretty reliable little appliance. We couldn't be happier, and it has saved us from any unnecessary house fires.

As always, I would love to hear from you and know that this post was helpful and interesting. Or just say, "hello" in the comments below.


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DIY Etched Glass

Etched Glass: Personalized Drinking Glasses

If you have followed my blog over the last couple of years, you know that I have tried to figure out our drinking glass dilemma. You see, on any given weekend, my family of four will use all our glasses in our cupboard. You can say, a few family members use a glass only once and then proceed to place it in the sink. Of course, this is the reason we have a pile-up of dirty dishes by the end of the day. As a result, I have become a mom on a mission who is determined to solve this problem.

~ A Note About the Nester ~

When my son was a toddler, he had some funny idiosyncrasies. When eating a meal, he would insist on a new fork for every different type of food on his plate. I went along with this for a bit and hoped that this stage of his life would be short lived. Like everything in life, he passed through it and is currently a relatively well-adjusted young teenager. 

If you have been following this funny obsession of mine, you know that I started off buying four different colored drinking glasses. It worked for a bit, but then the color slowly came off the glasses. Hmm, I'm not sure how that happened, but I eventually came up with my second great idea. :)

I made some chalk paint coasters that that we could initialize with our names. Here is the link to that post: Chalk Board Coasters It worked for a few of the family members, but not all participated. Their names will remain anonymous.

My third idea involved a set of Painted Fox number drinking glasses. These numbered 1-12 glasses are beautiful. This system would work, but it quintessential that we all remember our numbers for the day. I would be concerned about my aging memory, but my kiddos couldn't remember their numbers either. Here is the blog post link for the above photo: Summer Home Tour

Enter my current solution, DIY etched glasses with our initials! Surely, we cannot forget our names (or initials), and if we do, please send for help! Well, this is a pretty easy DIY project that will inspire you to etch all your glassware and more. My brain quickly thought of many ways this could easily become wedding gifts, hostess gifts, and housewarming gifts.

Here is what you'll need.

1. Etching Cream

2. A design of your choice. Print out an image or type. My type is 72 point which is roughly 3/4 inches high.

3. Chalk Board Label Paper or Sticker Paper (if you use this, you can skip steps 2 and 4)

3. Razor blade or x-acto knife

4. Tape

5. Cutting board or glass surface (one that you don't mind scratching)

1. Print out your image from your computer. Place the image on top and adhesive paper (I used Chalk Board Labeling paper) on the bottom. Tape them together and place on a cutting surface.

2. For cutting the image, I use a razor blade that I bought from Home Depot. The reason I prefer razor blades over the x-acto knives is that they are firm and less flimsy and less likely to cut you accidently. But, use whichever blade works for you. :)

3. Clean your glasses before the next step. I bought these nice drinking glasses from Ikea. They were cheap and exactly what I wanted for this project. 

4. Cut out the image. For my project, I wanted to etch the letters into the glasses, so I cut out the letters. When you are all done, remove the adhesive paper backing. 

5. Place the adhesive tape on your glass surface. This step can be tricky if you don't get it positioned correctly. If you have to reposition your sticker, you'll find it can be difficult. Just be careful when pulling it up that you don't tear the stencil. When you have it exactly where you want the stencil to be, make sure to squeeze any air bubbles out that are near the area you are going to etch. Also, be sure to rub the stencil thoroughly to create a good seal. This will prevent etching areas that you didn't intend to etch.

6. Apply the etching cream onto your image. Make sure you cover it with a thick layer of cream. You don't want to have any clear and unpainted areas.

The instructions on the etching cream container said to let it sit for 60 seconds. I did this on my first attempt, and it totally didn't work. I found letting the solution soak for 15 minutes does the job quite nicely. When the 15 minutes is complete, wipe the surface clean and make sure not to get any the cream on your hands since the solution is acid. Peel away the paper and rinse off the cream. Clean the glass with soap and water.

By the way, the etching solution has a reaction with the glass, and the results are permanent. So thankfully our new glasses can be put in the dishwasher.

Now, everyone in my family has their own personalized drinking glasses and I am a happy mommy. Glass etching is easy and fun and possible projects are limitless. For instance, homemade candles in an etch glass container with a word or a friend's name. It would make a lovely personalized gift. Have fun with the project and let me know if you enjoyed this post. Or just comment and say, "hello!"


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